What Is A Cuban Cigar Roller?

A Cuba cigar roller, or torcedores, is a skilled craftsman who hand rolls cigars in Cuba. The Cuban cigar rollers are so skilled that they are highly sought after and will travel showing people how to roll cigars. Many times people will ask what makes a Cuban cigar roller better than other kinds of cigar rollers; well it is the simple fact that a Cuban cigar roller spends so much more time practicing their craft and is a highly respected member of the community. A Cuban cigar roller is not just a Cuban cigar roller, but rather a respected member of the community.

How To Properly Roll A Cigar

There are several steps to properly rolling a cigar. While you never will be on the skill level of a Cuban cigar roller, by following these simple instructions you at least can have something that you created to smoke. All you need after that is a light and a cigar cutter.

The first step is to choose your filler, binder, and wrapper tobacco. Most of these can be purchased at a local tobacconist, but if not you can purchase it online. After you have chosen your material you need to shred the filler leaves. You can also leave them whole, but need to smooth the folds out from the whole leaves. The filler determines how strong your cigar will be and you will more than likely have to try different blends until you find one you like.

After that you need to prepare the binder leaf or leaves. Remove the rib with scissors and smooth out all the folds. For large cigars you will need more than one leaf. After this is done you need to prepare the wrapper leaf. Remove the rib then smooth the leaf lightly with your hands or even more lightly with an iron.

Lay out the binder leaf on a flat surface and take you filler leaves and place them on top of it. Do not bunch them up too tight or to loose, leave enough space for the cigar to burn nicely. Spread a small amount of adhesive on the edge of the binder leaf and wrap it around the filler. Roll this up into a loose cigar shape then trim away the excess leaf on the ends. Next is the wrapper leaf. Trim this to the right size then secure the wrapper with a small amount of adhesive. Use a small amount of adhesive to attach a small piece of the wrapper leaf to one end leaving the other side open. Roll it up, let it sit for a while and age properly, smoke and enjoy!