My Three Favorite Authentic Cuban Cigars

When choosing a cigar it is best to pick from truly authentic Cuban cigars. The following are my three favorite authentic Cuban cigars and each has its own unique flavor and characteristic, complete with full back story. They have all been hand rolled by a Cuban cigar roller, so each is a representation of the pinnacle of authentic Cuban cigars.

The Three Best Authentic Cuban Cigars

First up is the Sir Winston from H. Upmann. H. Upmann is perhaps one of the most famous of all the cigar manufacturers form Cuba. This is their premier cigar. It is a hardy smoke not for the timid. It is meant to be enjoyed in relaxation with a strong drink. Take time with this one to experience all its complex flavors and discover what ranks it among the best of authentic Cuban cigars. There are other cigars, but for me this one is the best because it is such an iconic smoke.

Next up is the Number 2 cigar from Cohiba. Cohiba was originally only smoked by Cuban diplomats and was not available to the public. These cigars were the choice of Castro, and if he was still smoking today these would be what he would have. He has since quit, but Cohiba continues to produce some of the finest authentic Cuban cigars that you can buy. Their other varieties are delicious as well, but the number 2 does it for me.

Last up is the number 4 cigar from Monte Cristo. Monte Cristo sells more of these cigars than any other cigar made in Cuba, and with good reason. This could be the epitome of authentic Cuban cigars in that they are most commonly seen outside Cuba. I like the smoke of the number four, but I would not count it among my personal favorites.

There you have it, three different cigars to go out and try. It is up to you as to which one you like best, but all three are authentic Cuban cigars that represent well what is a quality cigar. While other nations may make cigars, there is only one Cuba and one Cuban cigar. These three represent what it is to be a Cuban cigar very well and any aficionado would be proud to have any of these three in his personal collection. Next time you get a chance, try any and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Get out there and smoke today.