The Classic Cigar Cutter: Double Blade Cigar Cutter

Smoking a cigar can be a pleasurable experience. This is due to the fact that a good cigar will have a rich taste and emit a wonderful aroma.

Also, smoking a cigar allows the individual to pause and take in the surroundings. This in turn may stimulate the mind to reflect upon the good things in life and appreciate them more fully. Also, smoking a cigar may, with other cigar smokers, provide a venue to interact with one another and help to facilitate conversations.

In order to fully enjoy the cigar there are certain preparatory steps that need to be taken. One of those steps is to cut off the end of the cigar that is placed in the mouth. This allows for the full circulation of air through the cigar and for the smoker to draw the cigar smoke into their mouth.

This preparatory step can be accomplished in a number of ways. One of those stylish ways is through the use of a cigar cutter. Specifically one of those cutters is known as a double blade cigar cutter.

What Is A Double Blade Cigar Cutter

One of the more popular cigar cutters preferred by cigar smokers is the double blade cigar cutter. This is because of the way that this tool for cutting off the cap of the cigar is constructed.

Specifically, the double blade cigar cutter is a compact tool that easily expands for use. This expansion occurs when the individual puts their thumb and forefinger into the looped area on either side of the double blade cigar cutter. The opening then appears when the individual extends their thumb and forefinger outwardly. When this is accomplished an aperture appears in the middle of the cutter revealing the double blades. Following this the cap of the cigar is placed in the space and the reverse process is then accomplished which cuts the cigar.

The Advantages Of This Type Of Cutter

There are many advantages of utilizing the double blade cigar cutter. One of those advantages is its compact design. For example another cigar cutter is the scissor cigar cutter. Although an effective tool to remove the cap of the cigar, the scissor cigar cutter is shaped like a pair of scissors and generally has large handles to facilitate the cutting process. Unlike the scissor cigar cutter, the double blade cigar cutter is extremely compact and easily carried around in the pocket or on a key chain.

Another advantage to having a double blade cigar cutter is that, dependent on the style and make, this type of cutter is fairly inexpensive. This can prove to be a good thing if the cutter is lost or borrowed and is not returned.