A Quality Cuban Cigar Review

There are many Cuban cigars available so I am going to do a Cuban cigar review of some of the best. The following are three different cigars so that you can one for yourself. All three are true authentic Cuban cigars, so smoke each and enjoy.

The Cuban Cigar Review – Finding The Best Cuban Cigar

First up in our Cuban cigar review is the Sir Winston from H. Upmann cigars. H. Upmann is the most famous of all the cigar manufacturers out of Cuba, and the Sir Winston is the signature cigar. H. Upmans are primarily known as being between a mild and medium smoke, and this cigar is not an acceptation to that. It is obviously a Churchill sized cigar, meaning that it is on the large side as far as cigars go. It has a grand splendor and noble appearance that never ceases to excite even the most discerning of cigar smokers. This is a big smoke for a big smoker, so do not indulge in this cigar unless you are ready. It goes well with rich foods and heady wines and liquors. This is an absolute must try if you consider yourself to be at all a fan of cigars.

Next up in the Cuban cigar review is the Number Four Reserve from Monte Cristo. Monte Cristo is another famous cigar maker from Cuba, and this cigar qualifies as one the best Cuban cigars ever made. This cigar was manufactured to celebrate the fact that Monte Cristo produced the best selling cigars of all time. There were five thousand boxes of limited supply made, so it may be difficult to get one. If you can you are in for a real treat as this is one of the best Cuban cigars ever to be wrapped. This cigar has a slight leather flavor with many complex notes. It is nearly impossible to describe without having one, so seek it out and try one for yourself.

Last up in the Cuban cigar review is a personal favorite of mine – the Secretos Maduro Five from Cohiba Cigars. This full flavored cigar is absolutely my go to smoke. I love to try new things, but when I am looking for a good cigar and nothing else will do this is the one I go for. Cohiba cigars were introduced in nineteen sixty eight and original were meant only as protocol cigars exclusively for Cuban officials and diplomats. Eventually Cohiba cigars were released to the general populace and today remain the true King of the Cubans as well as being Castro’s favorite smoke, until he quit.

Hopefully you now have some cigars to go out and try on your own.