The Importance of Proper Cigar Humidor Humidity

Whether you have a Cuban cigar selection or other type of cigars, it is important that you have a humidor with the right cigar humidor humidity setting. Proper cigar storage is crucial and so if you do not store your cigars properly then you may encounter one of a few different problems. If you don’t store your cigars properly they may burn unevenly, have a harsh or bitter taste, just to name a few things.

When you are going to buy a humidor, remember that although they are all going to be somewhat different, there are three features that almost all humidors will have in common, which are: Spanish cedar wood, a humidification unit, and a hydrometer which is a gauge which indicates the humidity in the humidor.

Cigar humidor humidity is a very important issue, especially to the cigar aficionado who has a large selection of cigars and who wants to make sure that they are properly stored.

Caring for Your Humidor

Once you have decided on the humidor of your choice, you need to make sure not only that you keep the cigar humidor humidity at the right level, but also that you take proper care and perform proper maintenance on the humidor itself.

You need to be really careful when it comes to water around your humidor because water may end up ruining the wood. You should submerge the humidifier in distilled water only, until well saturated and then be sure to dry off the surface for approximately an hour to ensure that no dripping occurs.

If you were to skip this step, it is likely that once you put your cigars in the box, remaining water from the wood would drip onto your cigars and ruin them.

Another tip is to attach the humidifiers and the hygrometer to the inside of the lid and as well, place the humidifiers in the bottom holders of the humidor if applicable. All of these tips, and there are many more than you can use as well, will help you with the maintenance of your humidor and ensure that it stays in the best possible condition for the longest length of time which is obviously what you want.

From this you can see the overall importance of cigar humidor humidity and how having the right cigar humidor humidity will help keep your cigars moist and fresh and taste the same as when you first bought them.