Some Essential Points Of The Cigar Smoking Technique

There is definitely a technique of smoking a cigar, there are certain rules you have to follow to be able to enjoy your cigar to its fullest. Cigar smoking tips give you advice on how to light or how to cut your cigar. So, if you are new to the fantastic and surely enjoyable world of cigar-smoking, these tips on the cigar smoking technique will definitely be helpful to you.

How To Cut A Cigar?

Knowing how to cut your cigar is part of the cigar smoking technique. It is highly important to know how to properly cut a cigar, and thus make a clean cut, as if you do not have the right tools can ruin your cigar, have your cigar unravel, causing a definitely unpleasant smoke. The head of the cigar, the end that is put into your mouth has to be cut off before you start smoking. When hand-rolled cigars are made, a cap is put on the end of the cigar to ensure that it does not dry out or unravel; a line can be seen where this cap ends. There are different methods of cutting a cigar, the most popular is perhaps the straight cut made with the guillotine cutter. Insert the head of your cigar into the guillotine cutter just before the end of the cap, leaving a few millimeters. For first-time smokers, it can happen that you do not yet possess a cigar cutter. If you have absolutely no tools, you can just bite the end off with your teeth, though this is usually regarded as quite a primitive method. This should definitely never be done with an expensive cigar, as you risk it being ruined. Alternatively, you can use a really sharp knife or scissors to cut your cigar. However, if you want to enjoy your cigar perfectly, the surest cigar smoking and cutting technique starts with buying a proper cigar cutter.

How To Light The Cigar?

To know the perfect cigar smoking technique, you have to be aware of the proper method of lighting a cigar. For the best possible results, use a butane lighter or a match to light your cigar, the gasoline lighters give a foul flavor to your cigar and you definitely do not want to ruin your cigar, never use a scented candle for the same reason, either. Light the lighter, grip your cigar, place it in your mouth and position the end of your cigar just above the top of the flame, not allowing it to actually touch the cigar. Begin puffing and slowly rotate your cigar, continuing to puff; you will have to go on puffing for about 10-20 seconds until the tobacco begins to glow and you can draw the smoke easily.