No Mess And No Fuss: Cigar Punch Cutter

Obviously to enjoy a cigar one needs to keep in mind certain considerations. First of all, the more expensive the cigar the greater the cigar smoking experience. Also, the cigar needs to have been maintained in a humidor to make sure that the freshness of the cigar leaf has been maintained.

In addition, in order to smoke the cigar, the smoker needs to light the open end of the cigar. One other process needs to occur before the smoker lights up. That step is to cut the end of the cigar.

To accomplish this there are many cutters on the market. Therefore, before purchasing a cigar cutter, it is important to understand what the purpose of a cigar cutter is, the styles that are available and specifically what is a cigar punch cutter.

The Purpose Of A Cigar Cutter

A cigar is made from tobacco leaves. In addition, there are two layers of leaves that are used to form the cigar. Generally, the inner layer of leaves is made from a more robust leaf and the outer layer or wrap is softer in texture. Once the cigar has been formed the cigar is coated with an organic adhesive to act as a seal to keep the tobacco leaves in place.

One end of the cigar is flat and open. This is the part of the cigar that is lit to begin the smoking experience. The other end of the cigar is rounded and sealed. This is the part of the cigar that usually is placed in the smoker’s mouth when smoking the cigar. In order for the smoke to flow evenly through the cigar, that tip needs to be either punctured or cut in some way. This is the purpose of the cigar cutter.

Style Available

There are many styles of cigar cutter available to the cigar smoker. One of those tools is a double blade cigar cutter. This device simply snips off the end of the cigar when it is placed between the two cutting edgings. Once the cigar is in place, the blades are forced towards each other allowing for the end of the cigar to be severed.

Another type of cigar cutter is the wedge cutter. The wedge cutter, as the name implies, simply makes a wedge cut on the end of the cigar without completely removing the tip.

Introducing The Cigar Punch Cutter

Another type of device used to penetrate the end of the cigar is a cigar punch cutter. The action that a cigar punch cutter accomplishes is to simply place a hole in the end or cap of the cigar.

This device is easy to use in that the punch area of the cigar punch cutter usually is covered with a screw cap. All the cigar smoker needs to do is twist off the cap, insert the tapered punch area into the cigar and twist. Then, pull the cigar punch cutter out from the cigar and return to the casing.

Generally, this device is a little less than the length of a car key and can be easily carried on a key ring.