A Brief Guide To Cigar Smoking

As part of a guide to cigar smoking, the composition, as well as the accessories that can be used for smoking cigars should be outlined. Naturally, one can start smoking cigars without the knowledge of the composition of cigars for example, however, his appreciation and the ability to select the perfect cigar will of course not be perfect.

Composition Of Cigars

In a cigar smoking guide, it is important to have a brief overview of the composition of cigars, as the variation of the tobacco leaves the cigar is composed of determines the characteristics of the cigar regarding its flavor, and the smoking experience itself for example. Cigars consist of three types of leaves, the wrappers, the fillers, and the binders. The cigar’s outermost leaves constitute the wrapper, which determines the cigar’s flavor and character. Its color is often used to describe the cigar and there are such types as for example, oscuro, claro, maduro, natural or double claro. Claro is light, yellowish, oscuro is black and oily in appearance, while double claro is very light, slightly greenish. The second component, the filler is the one which makes up most of the cigar. Fillers are wrapped-up bunches of leaves inside the wrapper. Fillers give the blend, the flavor of the cigar, and thus as part of a cigar smoking guide it is really important to mention them. Fillers of various strengths are mixed to produce flavors. The filler can be milder or stronger and the more oils are in the tobacco, the stronger the filler and the cigar itself is. Fillers can be long or short, long fillers are the best quality, short fillers are made up of stems, chopped leaves and various bits. Short filler cigars burn hotter, and leave bits of leaf in the mouth, while long filler cigars should smoke evenly. Binders are the leaves that are used to hold together the fillers.

Some Accessories

As part of a guide to cigar smoking, the accessories needed for smoking the cigars are also important to mention. If one wants to start smoking cigars, firstly, it is very important to visit a cigar store as soon as possible and purchase a cigar cutter. It is also important to get a lighter that is suitable for lighting cigars. Cigar humidors are perhaps the most important accessories. Cigars can only preserve their flavor if kept under proper circumstances. A humidor helps to maintain suitable temperature and humidity levels. Without a humidor, you will only be able to buy a few cigars, you can smoke in a couple of days as they get dry really fast, as any cigar smoking guide will tell you.