Why Should I Not Use An Online Cigar Store?

There are several reasons why you would not want to shop at an online cigar store. While an online cigar store can be a great shopping experience, I have found that purchasing locally offers many advantages you just can not find on the internet.

Advantages To Not Purchasing At An Online Cigar Store

While most online cigar stores are reputable, there are plenty out there that are not. You can never tell how long the cigars you are purchasing have been sitting around and whether or not the have been aged and stored properly. This brings us to the first big advantage for using a local store. More will have a cigar store humidor that you can walk into to take a look at there cigars. These offer you the chance to get a really good look at the cigars you are buying. Unlike an online cigar store, you can pick them up, examine them, and make sure that they are of the quality you expect them to be. The cigar store gives you a real chance to get a good feel for the cigar you are buying before you get it.

The second benefit to purchasing locally is that you can try out new cigars and if you do not like them you do not have to buy a whole lot of them. It can be very expensive to purchase single cigars online, but most stores are very accommodating if you are looking to purchase something and will let you try singles out before buying a box. This is truly the best experience as you can almost guarantee that the cigars in the box you are buying will be of an equivalent quality to the one you are smoking. The same simply can not be said for purchasing at an online cigar store.

The next huge advantage to purchasing locally is that you can talk to the workers at the store to get recommendations on what cigars are good or what cigars you would like. Many times the people in the stores are veritable wells of information and can provide you with sound advice towards finding the perfect cigar. Reading reviews and opinions of cigars is one thing, but having an expert to interact it with is something wholly different.

Well there you have it many reasons why buying cigars locally is the way to go. Hopefully you follow this advice and support the business of a local tobacconist.