Two Tools In One: Cigar Cutter Lighter

Smoking a cigar can be an enjoyable experience. This is because even before it is lit, it emits a wonderful aroma. In addition, it can be the perfect silent companion when one wants to be alone and contemplate the meaning of life or it can an important part of a group setting when people are enjoying each other’s company.

If one is a real aficionado of cigars there are many accessories that can be purchased to help in the enjoyment of this simple pleasure. Examples of these accessories could include a humidor which is used to maintain the proper moisture of the tobacco leaves and prevent the cigar from drying out. Another accessory can be a special lighter that can add to the enjoyment of the experience and make it more special.

Another accessory is a cigar cutter lighter. This combination of two needed accessories to enjoy that cigar can be beneficial for a number of reasons. First of all it is important to understand their purpose, convenience that this combination provides and the different styles available.

The Purpose Of A Cigar Cutter

The purpose of a cigar cutter is to puncture the rounded tip of the cigar so that the smoker can draw in the cigar smoke. In addition, the severed end of the cigar allows for an even burn of the cigar.

Types Of Cigar Cutters

In addition, there are many cigar cutters on the market today. One of those cutters is a cutting device that snips the end of the cigar when it is placed between two blades and the blades are brought towards each other.

Another type of cutter is a wedge cutter. A wedge cutter is a cigar cutter that simply cuts the tip of the cigar through a cut resembling a wedge.

One additional type of cigar cutter is a cigar punch cutter. This type of cutter simply makes a small hole into the end of the cigar to allow the escape of the smoke.

Of course, as with all interests, an individual can collect or use a special cigar cutter. Some of these cutters could be defined as an antique cigar cutter. This type of cutter can be defined as an antique because it is carefully constructed, usually of quality materials. These materials could include wood, tin, steel, gold, silver, etc. In addition, an antique cigar cutter is smaller in nature because they were often carried in the vest pockets of men.


One other convenient type of cigar cutter is one that has multiples uses. One such example of a cigar cutter used in earlier days was a cigar cutter that also served as a bottle opener.

Another convenient combination of tools found on particular cutters is a cigar cutter lighter. A cigar cutter lighter allows the cigar smoker to utilize one aspect of that cutter to severe the rounded tip of the cigar and the other end of the cigar cutter lighter can ignite the cigar so that a good smoke can be enjoyed.

In addition, a cigar cutter lighter can not only be very functional, but very fashionable as well. For example some cigar cutter lighters can have a finely finished exterior. Also, there can be other features included within the cigar cutter lighter. Some of those features could include a lighter fluid level, flip switches that extend the cutter, carrying case, etc.