Best Way to Buy Cuban Cigars

As you probably know, you can not buy Cuban cigars in the US. While you may be able to purchase Cuban cigars online, this is not recommended as there is no way to really tell the quality of the cigars you are purchasing. Now while it may seem impossible to buy Cuban cigars, you do have some alternatives but they will require that you travel.

Canada Duty Free – A Great Way To Buy Cuban Cigars Legally

The best way to buy Cuban cigars is to cross the border into Canada and purchase them legally. While you may or may not be able to take them back across, at the very least you can enjoy them there. Some people will remove the labels and bring the cigars back across the border although there is a chance that they will be confiscated. Instead you can simply go to one of the many tobacconists near the border and sit down and enjoy a good smoke.

If you are not near the Canadian border, then doing this will be much more difficult. There are places in the US to buy Cuban cigars illegally, but I do not recommend this. Your best option is to find a way into Canada to enjoy them there.

Why is it illegal to purchase Cuban cigars?

President Kennedy back in 1962 declared an embargo against communist Cuba. This embargo has stood ever since. At times it has been relaxed a bit, although it has never been fully lifted. I expect that some time in my life time this embargo will be lifted as trade relations continue between the US and other communist countries. Today the warming of relations between the US and Cuba has lead to many relaxed policies between the two countries and with the fall of the Soviet Union there is no threat of nuclear attack from Cuba so I can not see the embargo continuing. Until the fall of the embargo however you will have to find your Cuban cigars in other lands.

Hopefully this has shown you why it is so difficult to buy Cuban cigars. The trade embargo, while seemingly antiquated, is still in place and makes it impossible to legally purchase this fine Cuban product in the US. Search all you want, you still will not be able to legally purchase cigars from within the US. As a matter of fact, the law states that as a US citizen you may not purchase Cuban cigars anywhere.