How Not To Offend Others With Your Cigar Smoke?

Even if you truly enjoy your cigar smoking, most of the people are nonsmokers, moreover, if you have children and you are smoking inside the house, it may have a detrimental effect on their health, which you would surely not want. Therefore it is of great importance to keep in mind some basic rules when it comes to your cigar smoking.

What Is The Problem With Cigar Smoking?

If you know how to smoke a cigar, you surely know as well that cigar smoking has its many risks, and health dangers, perhaps not as many as cigarette smoking, though many studies claim the opposite of this. Moreover, by smoking cigars you not only risk your own health, increasing the risk of cancer or heart and lung diseases, but more importantly, you endanger those living around you. If you have children for example, you would surely not want them having respiratory illnesses for example just because of your hobby and enjoyment. Thus it is highly important to abide by some rules, while smoking cigars.

In You Own Home

If you are not living alone and smoke indoors, cigar smoking will possibly have an effect on those living around you. If you smoke in the kitchen or the living room for example, even if only rarely, some chemicals and materials from the smoke will surely stay in the air, moreover many do not like the smell of cigar smoke. Therefore, it would be best if you only smoked cigars in your study, or outdoors in the garden, especially if you have children. If you are with other nonsmokers, even outside, you should ask them if they mind you smoking. Second-hand cigar smoking may not be as risky as second-hand cigarette smoking, but you still would not want to make the loved ones living around you ill.

Public places

You can smoke wherever and whenever you want, as long as you do not offend others. Even if in public places, you would not cause discomfort to family members, and friends, not everybody around you may like your smoke. Whenever you light up, you should pay attention that your smoke does not offend others. If you are dining in a restaurant, sitting at a table, you should ask those sitting with you if they mind your cigar smoking. Nowadays, it is of course getting harder and harder to find places, such as restaurants, where you can smoke, though try to find a smoking section in the restaurant, and then your cigar smoking will possibly not offend others.