A Cut Above: Antique Cigar Cutter

There are many accessories that are needed in order to optimize a cigar smoking experience. One of those accessories is a humidor. A humidor will help to maintain the perfect environment for the cigars and prevent the tobacco leaf from drying out.

Another accessory that is needed is a cigar cutter. Therefore, if considering the smoking of cigars it is important to understand the purpose of a cigar cutter. In addition, there are many cigar cutters on the market. Also, if wanting to personalize this experience even more an individual can purchase an antique cigar cutter.

The Purpose Of A Cigar Cutter

First of all before investing in an antique cigar cutter it is important to understand what the intended use of a cigar cutter is. Simply put a cigar cutter is used to fashionably cut the end tip off of the cigar.

This process needs to occur because the end tip of the cigar is completely sealed through the manufacturing process. This helps to keep the cigar fresh because the cigar is organically made from rolled together tobacco leaves.

A cigar cutter effectively snips the end of the cigar. This allows for the even burning of the cigar as the smoker draws the smoke of the cigar into their mouth.

Investing In An Antique Cigar Cutter

There are many cigar cutters on the market. Three of those particular cutters include a straight cigar cutter, a wedge cutter and a cigar punch cutter. A straight cutter simply snips the end of the cigar through a cutter that has two sharp edges. When the cigar is placed into the aperture, the individual pushes the blades towards the middle which effectively snips the end of the cigar. A wedge cutter simply performs a wedge shape incision on the cigar and a cigar punch cutter effectively makes a hole in the end of the cigar.

In addition, there are variations of individual cigar cutters. Those variations could include a combination cigar cutter and lighter.

For those who are serious about their cigar cutters. There are antique cigar cutters available to the discerning cigar smoker.

Some of those high end antique cigar cutters can include cigar cutters that were made of quality materials. Those materials could include steel, iron, tin or even wood. These were generally crafted when the majority of men indulged in cigar smoking.

In addition, antique cigar cutters can range in size. Often antique cigar cutters are small in size. These dimensions were popular because they were often carried in pockets or could easily be attached to chains or placed in vest pockets.