How Do I Buy Cuban Cigars Online?

The first thing you have to be careful of when buying Cuban cigars online is that they are 100% authentic. Cuban cigars in general are far more expensive than any other countries cigars, and therefore are targets for counterfeiting. I would recommend that you make absolutely sure before you buy your Cuban cigars online that the company you are purchasing from has an authentic product.

Buying Authentic Cuban Cigars Online

The best way to buy authentic Cuban cigars online is to talk to other people that have purchased from the website. Even better is if you can go to their location, but for the most part they will not be near you. Americans can have a difficult time buying Cuban cigars online as they are illegal in the US. Make sure before you place your order that you can get the cigar. If you can not then you may end up paying for a cigar that you can not get.

Choosing the Best Cuban Cigar

There are many different brands of Cuban cigars out there. My personal favorites are the cigars from H. Upmann. These were the cigars of choice for President Kennedy and rumor has it that he bought a thousand of them before signing the embargo.

The history of this brand began around 1840 when Herman Upmann, a banker and cigar aficionado invested in a cigar factory which served dually as a bank and cigar business.
Characteristically, H. Upmanns are mild to medium-bodied cigars great for the beginner’s palate. Their larger sizes are among the most coveted and sought after cigars in the world. A promising smooth, subtle and mild to medium smoke. They generally come in 6 different kinds: Connaisseur No. 1, Magnum 46, Magnum 46 Cabinet of 50’, No. 2 , Petit Coronas, and Sir Winston. The Petit Coronas were the choice of President Kennedy, but my favorite is the Sir Winston. This cigar provides a flavorful smoke and is one of the most prized cigars the world around. Not cheap, they usually sell for almost 25 US dollars per cigar. A hefty price for sure, but well worth it for one of the world’s greatest smokes.

So now you can see all of what is involved with buying Cuban cigars online. Hopefully you can follow these instructions and be smoking a high quality cigar in no time. Test a few to find the one you truly like, I am sure you will find a way to enjoy it.