Some Things You Should Know About How To Smoke A Cigar

Smoking a cigar is definitely not like smoking a cigarette, you have to prepare yourself, take at least an hour, relax, before smoking, but even before that, if you really want to know how to smoke a cigar, you should understand that smoking, the art of smoking starts with choosing and buying the appropriate cigar. Moreover, there are many distinct steps you should take in the process of smoking a cigar. To know how to smoke a cigar you definitely have to know every little detail of the cigar smoking technique.

How To Get Started?

There is always a first time to smoking a cigar, and if you want to understand on this first occasion how to smoke your cigar, you have to pay attention to firstly choosing the appropriate cigar. For the first time, you definitely have to choose a right cigar to practice with. Go to your local tobacconist and select some single cigars, do not buy a full box, ask for the owner’s advice, and if you do not yet have a humidor, you should not buy more cigars than you can smoke in a few days. It is also recommended for beginners to choose milder and less expensive cigars, as more full-flavored cigars will most likely taste stronger for the first time.

How To Smoke The Cigar?

Knowing how to actually smoke a cigar entails knowing about how to light, how to cut, how to ash, and how to enjoy a cigar. Here, I will mostly focus on the actual process of smoking. Imagine your cigar is lit, you just have to sit back in your armchair and enjoy the taste of your cigar. Puff and rotate your cigar about every 30 to 60 seconds, do not inhale, just taste it and blow it out. Do not smoke it too fast or too slow, as these can ruin the flavor, or you will have to keep up relighting all the time which definitely ruins your experience. You do not have to shake the ash off your cigar, until it is around ½ inches long. If you want to know how to professionally smoke a cigar, you should of course know how to put it off elegantly. You do not have to put off your cigar, crushing it, like a normal cigarette, just put it inside the ashtray and let it stop burning by itself. There is no prescribed time for putting down your cigar, but when it starts leaving an aftertaste, you should definitely stop smoking it.