Vital Details on Second Hand Smoke

You probably had no idea that second hand smoke results in the deaths of 600 000 people. Second hand smoke is defined as the kind of smoke exhaled by smokers and the smoke discharged when tobacco products such as bidis, water pipes and cigarettes are burnt. Most if not all of us have inhaled second hand smoke and assume that it is harmless since we are not actually smoking the cigarettes. Nevertheless, second hand smoke is risky because it comprises of many chemicals including arsenic, cyanide and ammonia, which are said to cause cancer if taken in enormous quantities.

You may not even be aware but breathing in second hand smoke exposes you to many infections and diseases such as respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia and you could also begin to sneeze and cough and get a sore throat. Second hand smoke is known to trigger asthma attacks in individuals who already have the disease and causes heart diseases and cancer as well as sudden death in infants.

One thing you ought to understand about second hand smoke is that its effects are felt almost immediately. Drawing in second hand smoke could influence your breathing if you do not smoke and could also influence your performance in games negatively. If you reside with individuals who smoke, it is very likely that you will breathe in second hand smoke and it is important to avoid this smoke for the sake of your health by asking people around you to smoke outside the house. Hours after you have put out the cigarette, the smoke remains in the air as well as on the upholstery in the room. What this means is that every time someone smokes in your house then leaves, you are left to inhale the second hand smoke.

Travelling in the same vehicle as a smoker is one thing you ought to avoid even if the smoker will direct their smoke outside the window. Nevertheless, this does not decrease your exposure to second hand smoke though it is very kind of the smoker. The wind may blow the smoke right back inside and this is dangerous regardless of whether it is short-term or intermittent. The simplest and most successful way of dealing with is sitting or walking away from individuals that smoke. You are certain of a healthy and long life that is also diseases and infection free when you keep off second hand smoke.