Should I Use An Online Cigar Shop?

There are many good reasons to use an online cigar shop, and just as many bad ones. This article is going to take a look at the pros and cons of using an online cigar shop. I am not going to take a look at individual online cigar shops but rather take a look at the industry as whole and weigh the various reasons as to why someone would or would not want to use and online cigar shop.

Pros For Using An Online Cigar Shop

The first and most obvious choice for choosing an online cigar store is price. You can shop around and compare like models of cigars against other stores to get the best price. By shopping this way you can assure yourself that you are getting the best possible deal. It is really difficult to do this by going from store to store.

The next huge advantage to shopping online is the selection. You literally can choose from just about cigar available in the US today and find it somewhere online. Cigar stores will always have a limited variety for you to choose from. Many cigar manufactures have a very large variety of products to choose from and you may only be able to find these from an online cigar store. You can try you local shop, but again you are at their mercy as to what you can get and choose from.

The next advantage of shopping online is that you can purchase large quantities of cigars. This is not to say you can not do the same at your local store, but if you are looking to get a certain kind of cigar and need a certain amount, you can rest assured knowing that you will more than likely be able to get whatever you need online.

Cons Of Shopping Online

The biggest con of shopping online is that you are never going to be one hundred percent sure of what you are getting. While yes the online store may have the exact make and manufacturer of cigar you are looking for, there is no way to be one hundred percent sure when that cigar was rolled, how it was stored, and overall how fresh it is. It really can be a crap shoot when you are purchasing from these online stores.

Second, you do not have the opportunity to really try different kinds. It is much easier to walk into a local cigar shop, purchase a single cigar, smoke it then if you like it buy the box. You really lose that experience in an online store.

Well there you have some pros and cons of shopping for cigars online. My suggestion would be to get out there and try as many different kinds as you can before purchasing, so get to know your local guy first. More than likely he will be able to match any price you find online.