Some Additional Cigar Smoking Tips

People smoke cigars for enjoyment, not because they are stressed or have a craving for nicotine for example, that are the reasons of the majority of cigarette smokers. And there are definitely many dangers of cigar smoking, just like dangers of cigarette smoking do exist. However, this article will focus mainly on enjoying cigar smoking and will give some cigar smoking tips, to make your experience possibly the most enjoyable.

How To Enjoy?

After selecting the perfect cigar, you have to give yourself ample time to enjoy smoking, as one of the most important cigar smoking tips. Enjoy your cigars in moderation, partly because of the dangers and partly because it can be enjoyed the best if you are not smoking cigars all the time. You can choose a larger, thicker cigar to smoke, like a Churchill for example, but make sure before that you have at least an hour to enjoy your smoke. If you have less time, choose a milder cigar. You can select any time of the day, though as a cigar smoking tip I would recommend the time after a big meal or a hard day’s work, relaxing in your armchair. You also have to select a suitable location, a cigar lounge, with friends or family, or alone, sitting quietly in your room or outside in your garden.

What To Drink With Your Cigar

A good cigar smoking tip is to think about what to drink with your cigar. Choosing the suitable beverage is considered by many as the most important factor in your cigar smoking enjoyment, besides the cigar itself, of course. Many drinks will go with milder cigars, however, with a larger cigar you should perhaps make sure that your drink is not overpowered by the flavor of your cigar; choose coffee drinks, brandy or scotch for example. You can also drink wines while smoking cigars; experiment with what is best for you. Of course, you can choose any non-alcoholic drinks as well to accompany your cigar and to complement your experience.

Smoke Rings

Smoke rings look cool, and reading about cigar smoking tips, many will want to know about blowing smoke rings. Well, you have to practice a lot, and you will surely be able to blow smoke rings. Firstly, try blowing smoke rings in a closed space, definitely not outside on a windy day. Draw a puff into your mouth, hold it there and open your mouth to shape an ’O’. Bend the tip of your tongue down, pull it back, and push forward with your tongue. While blowing smoke rings you are not actually exhaling, you are just pushing out the smoke with the help of your tongue. With lots of practice anyone will be able to blow smoke rings.