So Many Choices: Best Cigar Cutter

The smoking of cigars has been a popular way of smoking tobacco. This is due to the fact that cigars, for some, have a pleasant taste and smell. In addition, smoking a cigar smoking can allow the person to sit back, relax and take time to ponder the deeper things of life.

Also, cigars have always been a symbol of affluence. This is because cigars are generally more expensive due to the fact that the more expensive brands are hand rolled and made from tobacco leafs that are from other countries.

In addition, in order to enjoy the cigar, there are steps that need to be taken in preparation before the cigar can be enjoyed. One of those steps is the cutting off of the cap of the cigar.

Therefore, if considering the smoking of cigars, it is important to choose the best cigar cutter. In order to choose the best cigar cutter, there are many variables to take into consideration. Those considerations in choosing the best cigar cutter is to understand the different cutters available, how they perform and what best suit the individual needs.

Different Cutters Available

Before deciding on the best cigar cutter to purchase, it is important to understand what cigar cutters are available and how they work. This is because there are many cutters on the market and each perform the needed function in different ways.

One of the popular cutters is the double bladed cigar cutter. This cutter expands to reveal an aperture when the thumb and forefinger are placed in the appropriate slots and flexed outwardly at the same time. After the cap of the cigar is placed in the hole that appears the reversed action is taken which then snips off the cap. This is because on either side of the hole are cutting blades.

Another type of cigar cutter is the wedge cigar cutter. Many cigar smokers think that is the best cigar cutter because this device simply makes a wedge-like incision into the cigar rather than completely cutting off the cap.

One additional style of cigar cutter that cigar enthusiasts think is the best cigar cutter is the punch cigar cutter. This device simply punches a small hole into the end of the cigar so that the cigar smoke can escape.

What Best Suits The Smoker’s Need

When wanting to choose the best cigar cutter, the choice should be dependent on a number of factors. Those factors should include the smoking habits of the cigar smoker.

For example, if the individual smokes a number of cigars during the course of the day they may choose to purchase a cigar cutter that is convenient to carry and operate. Based on these criteria it would probably be best to use a puncture or double blade cigar cutter. This is because they can be conveniently carried in the pocket or on a key chain. One cutter that would not be convenient would be a scissor cigar cutter.

In addition, if an individual smokes a cigar and does not have a place to dispose of the cap of the cigar they may choose the puncture cigar cutter as the best cigar cutter.