Vital Information on Teenage Smoking

One issue that many parents have to handle is teen smoking and according to statistics, there are some 3900 kids under 18 years who take up smoking each day. Teen smoking is believed to be widespread in kids with behavioral problems such as violence and drug and alcohol abuse. One thing you ought to realize about teen smoking is the fact that it does not only affect children that belong to other people but may also affect your kids. Glamorous advertising and peer pressure are the pull factors in teenage smoking. If your kids catch a glimpse of their favorite icons smoking on TV, chances are they might be attracted to begin smoking. If the friends that they spend their free time with and/or go to school with, then chances are they might also begin smoking.

There are many reasons why teen kids take up smoking and the chances of your children starting to smoke are high if you as the parent smoke. Low self-image and self-esteem is one other reason why teen kids begin smoking and the most important years are 13 and 19. It is at this age that the kids get to know whom they are and try out many different things smoking being one of them in an effort to fit in with their peers.

In other cases, the teens begin smoking as a way of coping with stress while young teen girls start smoking in order to lose weight. Teens also start smoking since tobacco products and cigarettes are available. The reason behind the increase in teen smoking is the fact that kids can easily gain access to cigarettes.

You can prevent teenage smoking in a variety of ways and the first is educating your child on the danger of smoking. Starting when the child is little is the way to go but being an excellent example to one’s kids is necessary. That you ought not to smoke in the presence of your kids is what this means and you also ought not to leave cigarettes lying close by since they may be lured to try them out.

There are ways you may be able to assist your children even if they have already begun smoking and you can seek professional assistance for example. Physicians may offer information on the aids your kids could employ to quit smoking but you must reassure and talk to your kid regularly. Quitting smoking is very hard and you should let your child know that you will be there for them no matter what.