How to Quit Smoking – Put an End to Smoking

For healthy and longer living, it is very important for everyone to stop smoking, but most fails in their first attempt to quit smoking. One can easily quit smoking if they know what to expect, social support, and of course a workable game plan. Also, a person who wishes to stop smoking requires determination, commitment, and desire, and above all one should learn about the options and prepare to quit smoking. Some smokers quit smoking by going cold turkey, but most people need a plan that helps in quitting smoking gradually.

The first step to stop smoking is getting ready and avoiding all negative thoughts about the stop smoking techniques. Also, simple exercises, drinking lots of fluids, avoiding fatigue, and taking good rest also plays an important role to quit smoking. Withdrawal signs of smoking are actually temporary and therefore one should not relapse to smoking and never give up their attempt to stop smoking. Another good idea to stop smoking is to involve someone else to help in the process of quitting, and the best people who can really help are friends and family members.

One of the good methods is to change the cigarette brand which a person don’t like and also one can select a brand that is less in nicotine and tar. Next important thing is a person should gradually cut down the cigarettes smoking daily and also one can even postpone their first cigarette lightening for at least one hour. Next is to take care of diet, it is believed that milk is not compatible with cigarette, so it is a good idea to take milk before smoking. A person can end their meals or snacks with something that is very incompatible with smoking, and all these methods will surely reduce the smoking habit.

One can make the habit of smoking very inconvenient by reducing the money wasted on buying cigarettes, instead of buying in cartons, one could buy a pack. Even a person can practice a day without cigarettes and self-motivation is very much required to keep on the attempt to quit smoking. For some people, throwing away all cigarettes, hiding ashtrays and lighters, and removing the smell of tobacco also help to stop smoking. Finally, one should give treat to themselves for stopping the habit of smoking, even if it is for one day. All the above techniques will surely help a person to stop smoking.