My Favorite Cigar Store

I consider myself to be somewhat of an aficionado of cigars, so when it comes to them I have an ample variety of different kinds that I like to choose from. When it comes to cigar stores however, there is only one place that I go – Virgil Avenue Tobacconist in Buffalo, New York. Why is this my cigar shop of choice? Well, there are many reasons why so read on to find out.

Why Virgil Avenue Tobacconist Is The Best Cigar Store In The World

Smoking a cigar should be a pleasant experience enhanced by the company of people you are with and your surroundings. This store is a full service tobacconist featuring many amenities that make it home to smoke fans everywhere. The first is the huge selection that is offered. Whether it is imported or domestic, pipe or cigar tobacco, Virgil has it all. The walk in humidor has an extensive collection of different cigar brands and gives you a chance to touch and feel them all.

You do not need to go to a cigar store to get a cigar, so why go to Virgil? First and foremost it is the atmosphere. This cigar store has everything you need to enjoy a good smoke. There is a spacious lounge with comfortable chairs and a big screen television so you can sit back and watch whatever sporting event may be on and enjoy a good smoke. There is also a chess and checker board that sits in front of a fifty gallon tropical fish tank so you can enjoy a game with a friend or simply watch the fish while you relax.

The oversize chairs allow you to sit with friends or new acquaintances to discuss the day’s events or even better cigars! This cigar store even offers wireless internet to all its customers so that you can do work and enjoy a good smoke, or just check your email. Virgil also provides fresh coffee for its guest so that you can really enjoy this full service cigar store.

You can search high and low but you will be hard pressed to find a better selection of cigars in a better environment to sit back and relax and enjoy them. The Virgil Avenue Tobacconists provide this and much more. Their knowledgeable staff will even be able to help you pick out what you are looking for so you do not feel like you are swimming around in the dark. If you are ever in the Buffalo area and looking for a good spot for a smoke, this is it.

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