A Handy Little Cigar Tool: Cigar Cutter

There are many little pleasures that life offers to those who want to enjoy simplicity. Some of those little pleasures could include a stroll in the park, watching the stars, enjoying a laugh, etc.

One other simple pleasure that some might enjoy is a good cigar. Smoking a cigar is an acquired taste that one can do alone and contemplate life or with friends while enjoying a stimulating discussion.

In addition, smoking a cigar is a simple process. All one needs is a quality cigar, a match or lighter and a cigar cutter. Before purchasing a cigar cutter it may prove beneficial to understand how a cigar is made, what is the purpose of a cigar cutter and the types of cigar cutters available.

How A Cigar Is Made

When talking about a cigar cutter it may prove beneficial to understand how a cigar is constructed. First of all a cigar is made from tobacco leaves. Often a variety of tobacco leaves are utilized.

Once the leaves are dried, they are then aligned vertically and rolled tightly. This allows for the smoke to flow through the cigar and stay lit when the smoker is drawing on the cigar. In addition, the leaves are rolled vertically so that the cigars take on their elongated form.

First of all the leaves are rolled and pressed together to form the innermost part of the cigar. Once this has been accomplished they are set aside after they have been pressed firmly together. Once this process is completed softer outer leafs then envelop the outer most part of the cigar. Often a natural organic adhesive is used to keep the leaves into place.

The Purpose Of A Cigar Cutter

Generally, one end of the cigar is flat in nature and that is the portion of the cigar that is lighted. The other end of the cigar is rounded in and is often completely sealed. It is this seal that needs to be broken so that the smoker can draw in the favorable smoke from the tobacco. Often, for this purpose, a cigarette cigar cutter is utilized.

Types Of Cigar Cutters

There are many types of cigar cutters that are available for the cigar smoker. Some of these types of cigar cutters include a straight cutter. A straight cigar cutter is simply a cutting apparatus that opens up and the cigar is placed in the cutter and the two edges of the cutter are brought together inwardly to cut the end of the cigar off. In addition to utilizing a straight cigar cutter there are many variations to this type of cigar tool. Some of those variations include a sophisticated cigar cutter or a simple cigar cutter. In addition a combination cigar cutter lighter can be purchased. This is a particularly useful tool for not only does it cut the end of the cigar but also, in one tool, provides the flame necessary to smoke the cigar.

Other types of cigar cutters include a wedge cutter which simply cuts a wedge or a V-shape into the end of the cigar. This particular cigar cutter does not completely sever the end of cigar, but just allows enough of a cut into the cigar to allow the smoke to flow freely through the tobacco product.

The last type of cigar cutter is a hole punch. A hole punch is as exactly as it sounds in that it simply punches a small enough hole into the end of the cigar to allow the flow of smoke.

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